The Chalice of the the Heart

Lighting the fire in the Heart for Oneself, Humanity, the Earth and the Universe


It is my believe that we as humans are here to be a channel for the Love of God or the Creative Heart Centre of the Universe.

The aim of these Online Classes is to enable you to become Conscious Workers and Clear Channels for the Will of the Creative Source (God, Goddess, All that is) of the Universe.The lessons are gently graded and are aimed to prepare the physical body to safely handle the currents of the electrical force of love as it streams through the physical to form the bridge from Heaven to Earth.  

The work covers a large amount of material from ancient esoteric texts to earth based teachings and personal experience.

You are completely in control of the rate in which you finish the lessons. The work can be taken over a longer period of time, or less, depending on your available time. e.g. you can take a week or 6 weeks to cover one section.  It is entirely up to you. 

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$25 per section ....  each section covers work for 2 weeks.

Each Section includes:

Written work with questions and an optional report which can be sent to me via email to be reviewed and returned with comments.
A video tape discussing subject.
At least 2 meditation practices on Mp3 files

To start the course contact Lyndall at:


We all develop at different rates so often individual sessions are more suitable than group classes.

Face to face sessions are available via appointment, so could be either at night or in the day, monthly, weekly, 6 monthly or nothing  It is entirely dependent on the individual.

Skype Sessions can be also booked.

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Classes Cover

Esoteric Psychology, Astrology, Dowsing, Healing, Druidry

These Esoteric Classes are based on developing a clear perception of the nature of the Human Soul and its quest to become enlightened. By understanding the role of the Soul in relationship to the Personality and the Cosmos one is able to use this inner knowledge to become an active server and light bearer of the divine plan for the world.
The lessons compiled for these classes are based on Ancient Esoteric Teachings as well as personal experience. Each Section contains 8 modules. Each module is approximately equivenent to 1 weeks work. These classes will be offered via the internet and also as group classes. More information on pricing>>>

Creating Peace and Contentment in your Life

Focusses on the healing of the Heart. Often we loose focus of who we are. We will be using particular methods to bring you home to your true self.

In these lessons we will explore and expand on the relationship of the individual to the incoming soul energy which flows through the heart centre. Our ancient ancestors had a much clearer knowledge of their relationship with the Earth and though these lessons we will explore ancient indigenous practices and the translated teachings of Jesus to the Essenes. We will build up a framework for lasting serenity in all areas of life and by using the daily practices we will learn to identify and tune into the natural flow of energy that surrounds our physical body, Earth, and the cosmos. This peaceful heart centred energy in turn flows out into our immediate surroundings creating a greater peace in every aspect of our lives.

Expanding your Senses


Understanding the mechanism of your own human form, is similar to learning how an engine makes a car move. If one part is not up to scratch, then the car doesn't run smoothly. This is the same for the human form. We have to learn to see which area is effecting our optimum performance.  Is it the mind, or mental body causing the problem, or is it the emotions? How do we find out? 

This course is designed to expand the awareness of your sensory perceptions. By the use of guided visualisation and theory, you will begin to consciously sense the different vibrations that make up your human form. By doing so you will start to become more aware of the energies that surround you in daily life in comparison with the different energetic vibrations that are unique to you and your link to your Higher Self. Each of us hold a different note.  The clearer we can recognise our own individual note the clearer our path to success becomes.  

The byproduct of this ability is greater Psychic gifts, however to use these giftsone needs to be completely in tune with the impulses of the Higher Self as compared to unconscious promptings of disincarnate entities. 

The aim of these classes is to become consciously aware of the energy that surrounds you compared to being unconsciously buffeted by the myriad of energetic influences that are part of daily life. To become a 'Conscious Creator' you must know that which is in tune with the Source, (God, Goddess, All that Is) and that which is not. Each of the guided meditations are aimed towards helping you to recognise the different quality of the energies of the subtle bodies that surround the physical form. These practices are intended to enable you to clearly hear the voice of your own Higher Self which in turn will enable you to become a clear channel for the Will of the Loving energy of the Source. 

As joint workers towards the creation of a more perfect planet the more conscious and loving we can become we become, the better we are able to become co-creators of the plan of the One Source.   

Working with the Higher Self and Solar Angel

Linking with your higher self and learning to work from that point through sensing and meditation. Discover your life and soul's work and create potent thought forms and symbols to help you achieve your goals.

Clearing the past

Become aware of the mechanism behind thought. Clearing childhood trauma. Writing a new prescription for the past and future. The use of colour in healing. Confronting self. Clearing techniques. Protective techniques.

Vibrational Healing

Journey into and connect to the earth energies and the elements of earth, fire, water and air. Learn Dowsing techniques for healing both human and planet.

Sound, Colour and Vibration - Working with the energies of the Earth

Meditation techniques for sensing and using unconditional love in healing and on personal and universal scales. Using sound, vibration and breath in healing work.

Understanding the elemental energies that work within the universe. Learn to contact these elementals. Balancing the male and female energies within the body.

Putting it all together - Building the Anthakharana

Connecting up the 7 centres. Creating the central column of the Anthakharana. Working with the meridians within the physical form.


Preparing for Death - The Transition from one plane of Existence to Another

At some point in time, we will all leave this planet. These lessons cover relaxation practices, the role of family and friends in the dying process, and the transition from one plane to another according to ancient texts. Having personally experienced death on two occasions and returning to this plane I will tell of my own personal experience and that of others who have passed over.



Creating the Perfect Space for Conception and Birth

In these lessons we will use techniques aligned to the Spirit to prepare for the most important event in human life, conception and birth. These optional clasess covers health, homeopathy, mind set, visualisation and meditation, prior to conception, and leading up to birth. These lessons, even though related to conception and early childhood, are open to all students who wish to delve into and recreate their own birth experience and ongoing family experiences. By recreating the events in the mind, blockages can be cleared for the future.

How to guide your Child with the 6th Sense

Having the 6th sense can be a very frightening experience for young children. This class is aimed to assist parents in guiding these intuitive children by offering positive ways to calm these very real fears.

Note: If you cant afford to come to any class I am willing to contra classes for gardening, house cleaning, or sewing. So, if you have any of these skills please don't let the lack of money stop you from attending.

The Singing Heart - Creating a Sacred Temple for your Art

Path of the Esoteric Artist

This class for accomplished and inexperienced artists. Focussing on art as a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment we will create a sacred working space through guided meditations and shamanic practices to open the doors of your inner mind to reveal your own personal symbolic messages. All materials provided.

Homeopathy for Beginners

Take back the power to heal yourself, your family and your pets with a gentle form of treatment that can be used for most common illnesses.

I am passionate about homeopathy and my desire is to share information about natural methods of healing. You can learn about Homeopathy through my blog at or contact at and for $15.00 I will send you the Homeopathy for Beginners E-Book.

The course is designed for people who would like to know more about how to use homeopathic medicines for treating family members, close friends, or pets for every day common illnesses. After completing these lessons you will have enough information to put together your own home homeopathic kit, and be confident in using these remedies in the treatment of problems that occur in daily life.

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For those who wish to study at a more advanced level, David Little, a well known Homeopath, has an online course available at